Sana Sharif

Sana Sharif is serving in the Legal Aid Society (LAS) as a Program Manager since 2017. She is a Master’s graduate and has extensive experience in Development Sector Support programs. Currently, she is leading the coordination of the litigation team of her organization to ensure timely achievement of legal aid clinics, free legal advice and interviews, and representation of their cases in 8 prisons of Sindh. She conducted a series of meetings with senior prison officials including the IG Prisons and DIG Prisons in order to understand the nature of demand from prisons in the context of combating the threat of COVID-19. In addition, Sana led the distribution efforts of the required PPEs in the entire Karachi and Hyderabad division prisons.

Asif Abul Hassan

Asif Abul Hassan is a development practitioner with approximately seven years of experience in the education and public health sectors of Pakistan. Currently, he is working as a Program Manager of Community Outreach at the Community Engagement Centre (CEC) and is responsible for designing and leading all community-level interventions. As the Program Manager for Community Outreach, he saw an urgent need for information dissemination and awareness campaigns about COVID-19 from the onset of the pandemic and so he designed awareness-raising sessions providing correct information from authentic sources such as the WHO and CDC to spread amongst our communities. Mr. Asif also designed a follow-up call mechanism to ensure that suspected patients in the rural areas were getting themselves tested at the nearest testing facilities.