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ABSA School & College for the Deaf

ABSA School & College for the Deaf was established in 1967. It is a non-governmental charity organization which is run entirely on donations from philanthropic organizations and caring individuals.

The school provides free yet quality education to each of its students. The promise of free education is actually kept intact in that with the exception of a donation worth Rs. 100, no admission or tuition fee is charged from the students. This is despite the fact that the average monthly expenditure per student amounts to nearly Rs.3,150. The institute’s running cost during the year which ended June 30, 2013 was Rs. 11.446 million.

ABSA currently caters to 300 students (Boys & Girls) who are receiving quality education from Nursery to B.A level.
The institution aims to fully prepare its students for the real world whereby they are equipped to earn a livelihood for themselves upon graduating. It is in order to fulfill this aim that vocational training is also provided in the fields of:

  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Computer Lab which houses latest versions of PCs
  • Student sign language classes
  • Parents or household member sign language classes (Mandatory so the students can communicate at home too)
  • Ongoing research program for sign language which has produced 2 editions of the first Sign Language Dictionary in Pakistan together with eight other Sign Language books.
  • Baking & cooking.