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Azat Foundation

Azat Foundation was established on 17th February 2003 by a group of young human rights and social activists in the leadership of Gul Khan Naseer and Zahid Ahmed Mengal, with their primary objective of addressing the issue of illiteracy and lack of quality education in Chagai-Noshki region as this region is one of the most deprived regions and lags behind in education as compared to other parts of Balochistan.

Azat Foundation believes that only through quality education can we win the fight against poverty and injustice and ensure an enlightened future for our new generations. For this purpose the founders of Azat Foundation initially supported children of poor and marginalized communities through provision of books, uniforms and stationary and helped enroll them in schools in order to increase literacy at the primary level.

On a later stage it was felt that these small efforts were not enough so they established two schools in Noshki and Dalbandin in the year 2007 providing quality education to hundreds of students from Nursery to Class 8.

Since 2009, Azat Foundation in collaboration with Action Aid Pakistan is running 06 community schools in the far-flung and poverty stricken areas of District Noshki providing quality education to more than 500 students.

Similarly the Foundation has implemented several education projects during the last five years in Noshki, Chagai and Kharan Districts which included the provision of books, stationary, furniture, computers and science equipment, in more than 60 Government Schools.