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Child Aid Association

Children are a crucial part of the population as they determine the future of our country. In Pakistan, children are possibly one of the most neglected factions of society whereby most of them do not have access to basic education and health care. Figures suggest that about 45% of the children in the country do not have access to secondary and tertiary health care. Child Aid Association, an organization which was founded in 1979 is doing all that it can to play a part in rectifying this situation.

The main aim of this organization is to facilitate those children who are unable to receive treatment at the hospital under the National Institute of Children’s Health in Karachi because they cannot afford it.

In 1999, the organization successfully established the first Pediatric Oncology Unit of Pakistan in NICH and it was dedicated to the treatment of poor children. Child Aid has since then gone on to develop many modern diagnostic facilities and laboratories that facilitate the patients being treated for cancer.

The organization has established a state of the art set up through which treatment to poor children suffering from cancer and unable to afford a cure is provided completely free of cost. The employees of the organization work tirelessly to keep the funds coming in so that they can never stop this noble mission.

For more information, please log on to http://childaidassociation.pk